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Praise for THE LAKE:

A New York Times bestseller
A USA TODAY bestseller
A Publishers Weekly bestseller

“[T]he strong buildup…leads to a
shockingly satisfying finale. An eerie thriller reminiscent of summer horror movies that will keep readers on edge.”–Kirkus

“Pays homage to classic summer camp slasher films…horror fans will likely appreciate this paranoia-fueled tale.”–Publishers Weekly

Praise for Natasha Preston:

“This fast-paced thriller will be a hit.”-SLJ, on The Twin

“A deeply disturbing tale that explores what can push someone to kill and what people will do to survive. . . . keeps tensions high to the final page.” –PW, on The Lost

“Preston weaves a terrifying tale. . . . A fast-paced, plot-driven page-turner.” –Kirkus, on The Lost

Keeps readers on edge. . . . A great addition to the thriller shelves. Recommended for fans of Stephen King, Jennifer Barnes, and Ally Carter.” –SLJ, on You Will Be Mine

“Preston is skilled in building an atmosphere of paranoia and claustrophobia.” –PW, on You Will Be Mine

“Preston’s latest mystery reads like an homage to a nostalgic Fear Street novel. . . . An enjoyable blend of mystery and horror.” –Booklist, on You Will Be Mine

“A fresh take on a murder mystery thriller. Rich with plot twists and suspense, readers will not want to put it down.” –VOYA, on You Will Be Mine

“Will keep readers intrigued.” –SLJ, on Awake

Ripped-from-the-headlines.” –SLJ, on The Cellar

Book Description

Hot on the heels of The Twin, the undisputed queen of YA thrillers is back with a scary and suspenseful read about a summer camp filled with dark secrets.

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10 reviews for The Lake   Import  Single ASIN  Import  Multiple ASIN ×Product customization Go Pro General Description Gallery Reviews

  1. Amanda Jones

    Good suspenseful read
    The Lake was the first book I read from the author Natasha Preston so I didn’t know what to expect, but I was impressed. This book goes out to an audience who can’t stop reading a book because it becomes so addicting. Natasha Preston was able to lay down a plot to allow me as a reader to be intrigued. I would definitely recommend reading this book if you enjoy suspense and not knowing what’s going to happen next. I would for sure read another one of her books. This book was an attention grabber. I loved the unexpected plot twist that happened at the end of the story which was shocking. The story starts off slow but towards the end it begins to pick up, and it was so worth reading til the end. The author does a brilliant job being able to set the scene for the climax of the story. I liked the setting of the story taking place at a summer camp in the woods, which made the story line more creepy. I liked how all the characters were coming up with insane theories about who was messing with the camp when little did they know that the two main characters suspected who it was all along. Each character in the story had their unique traits that made the book more interesting. Especially since we learn about the two main character’s backstories and the secrets they share with each other. There were many chilling incidents that happened throughout the story which eventually made way more sense towards the end. The author was able to keep me entertained throughout the story by adding many thrilling parts that made me question which characters I could trust. We learned towards the end of the story that not every character was who they truly said they were and many shocking secrets were discovered. I think adding this plot twist regarding the characters made the ending of the story so much more unexpecting. This book was really easy to read and understand with not many challenging words. The recommended reading age for this book ranges from 12-17 years old but I think any age would enjoy reading this book. The story is written from one of the main character’s points of view so throughout the story we learn her thoughts and feelings regarding the chaos occurring at the summer camp. It turns out that she knows more information about what’s going on around camp than she is willing to share with the other characters, but she does stay in touch with the other main character. She tries in every way to convince herself that someone else is responsible for the creepy incidents but in reality she knows exactly who is causing the trouble. Overall I would rate this book a 5 star because I was satisfied with the content and how it made me want to continue turning the pages to see what’s going to happen next. Finally the book was well written with an in depth storyline and well thought out characters.

  2. Jenna Hays

    Cliff Hanger!
    Love her books! They leave you wanting more! I don’t know if I am a glutton for punishment, but I know this is how her books end, but I still read them!

  3. Adam Waters

    Potential was there… never measured up like I would’ve liked.
    I was on vacation while reading this book, I went to camp when I was kid so I definitely related to the setting. Who doesn’t like a good summer camp book out by a lake?I tried really really hard to like this book, I kept reading earnestly hoping it would get better, but it never did. I don’t even think a sequel or an extra chapter would save it.The characters, despite being 17-18 in age are very whiny, petty, and their driving motivations are completely unrealistic. (I’m 22 so that time isn’t too far behind me)Esme is a complete ball of anxiety, and despite that she was correct in her fears, she doesn’t approach any of her problems with an ounce of reason or logical thinking.I don’t even remember the name of her friend that’s how forgettable she was. Just this grey blob who was given the title of “best friend since we were kids.”Ollie is way over protective of Esme and then doesn’t much of anything to really give some bite to his bark. His friend, (was his name jake?) Was also just as forgettable as Esme’s friend. Just the cliché jock weenie.The antagonist of the story. What was her name…. oh Lillian. Let me just get this straight, she spent her WHOLE life being mad at two 9-year-olds? How did she get ahold of a shotgun? How was she living in the woods as a reject of society? How did she make money? Why was she able to move around like a phantom?She was by far one of the weakest villains in a story I’ve ever come across. Her motives are completely unrealistic. Even to claim her family life was hard or she was mentally disturbed, her ability to simultaneously contact all of her “victims” is ridiculous.Summer camp is all about overcoming fears, challenges and obstacles, the least you could have done was provide us with a satisfying ending of the villain laying her bed of hatred, suffering, and pain and made her sleep in it. Nothing wrong with letting the villain win, but at least make the villain likeable so I don’t have to sit here and spend 20 minutes writing about how much I hated this book.I’m glad I brought more books to my vacation, because I stewed and fumed about how bad this was for a solid 3 hours, and even now I’m still just over how annoying the book is.

  4. Reader12

    Where’s the rest of the ending scene if there isn’t a sequel?
    Spoilers…Plot: It took a while to become invested in the plot until the threats became more sinister. It was more intriguing once Olly and Esme teamed up and were on the same page. Unfortunately, the promising plot is overshadowed by a very poor ending, it ends in somewhat of a cliffhanger and there is no sequel.Characters: Esme may be a little anxious and obsessive, but she was 100% right so you can’t really blame her thinking. How am I supposed to believe that Kayla was really Esme’s best friend? She was awful to her the entire book. Olly was the only one Esme could actually count on and find support from. Poor Andy was just trying to run his camp and was merely collateral damage. Lillian being a full-on stalker as she followed them around definitely shows her psychotic commitment.Writing: The way the main character continuously brought up that something bad happened in the past was initially repetitive and annoying. As a reader we get it, every innocent scene doesn’t need to be followed with the main character vaguely stating something along the lines of ‘but bad things can happen here, I would know’.

  5. Rebekah Bennett

    Edge of your seat!!!
    Amazing book! Leaves you on the edge of your seat! I have read four books of Natasha Preston in the last 7 days!!!! Get them all!!!

  6. Lynn Keith

    Ending saved this book
    This book is obviously intended for a younger audience, probably more 16-24. The characters are 18 year olds who make dumb 18 year old choices. I have seen a lot of reviews discuss how their biggest problem was that the main girl didn’t come out and tell anyone who the stalker was, but again, she’s young and dumb and scared, I get it.It did take me a minute to get into the book because the beginning chapters run you through setting up a camp and I do feel like some of the information was unnecessary and never is mentioned again.A few of the things in the book were cheesy and predictable, but one of the things was so obvious that I thought for sure it had to be done to make us think we knew, so I ignored it entirely only to discover it had just been that obvious.Anyway, the ending. The ending was one of the best endings I’ve read. The last page and a half, pure genius. It saved the book for me (which again wasn’t a bad book, just written for a younger audience.)

  7. Courtney

    I enjoyed it but had also hoped for better
    So unlike The Twin, I was able to get into this book much like the others. It wasn’t a could not put down kind of book but at least I didn’t get bored reading it.I have read all of the author’s books (excluding finishing The Twin) and I thoroughly enjoy them for the most part and expected to with this one.As we reached farther into the climax, I really expected it to get good and started plotting out some awesome twists that might be thrown in there but overall the story was rather predictable. Nothing was too unexpected with how it happened.In true Natasha fashion, you finish the book with a giant WTF and it has worked for a few other books like The Cabin and The Lost but I feel like with this one, it just fell flat. All stories don’t have to have a happy ending, but I at least prefer to feel satisfied. I thought the end of The Lost was the rough one for me, but this one takes the cake.Looking forward to the next one but keeping my expectations low as this seems to be the new trend. I really hope The Fear lives up to its name.

  8. Jackie

    The Lake by Natasha Preston
    THE LAKE NEVER FORGETS. When Esme and Kayla receive an anonymous message, fear fills them immediately. Someone knows what they did and they aren’t going to let them get away with it.Esme and Kayla have returned to Camp Pine Lake as Counselors In Training (CIT) at the camp they went to as children. They’re excited to enjoy a summer filled with hiking, swimming in the lake, and lots of s’mores! Being back is a little difficult at first as memories of the bad thing they did come rushing back, but they push those thoughts away and gear up for a fun-filled summer! After all, they do have a blood oath to never mention it. But what happens when it turns out they aren’t the only two in on their little secret? Who else knows and what do they want from them?Here we have another great Young Adult Thriller by Natasha Preston. I read this book in a day as I could not put it down, itching to know more. There were so many twists and turns that I did not see coming. I was blown away and was not disappointed. It was well worth the wait! I absolutely loved it and I highly recommend it to other Thriller lovers! So excited to see what her next YA Thriller will bring!I received a free copy of this book via NetGalley and am voluntarily leaving an honest review.

  9. Dani Clark

    ‘BUT WHAT HAPPENS NEXT??’ is Natasha’s signature. The Lake doesn’t disappoint.
    I absolutely love Natasha Preston. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on this book. Overall, I really liked the idea of the book as a whole. But for me it unfortunately wasn’t one of my favorites.The book started off strong and I was dying to know the secret! It took a LONG time to eventually figure it it. There were pieces here and there that eventually all fit. The middle of the book had a lull and I wish the secret was a bit MORE. However I liked how everything came together.The characters were definitely likable, and I enjoyed having their secrets unravel. Preston is notorious for leaving the ending of her books with a massive ‘BUT WHAT HAPPENS NEXT???’ she didn’t disappoint with this one! The ending did seem to have a few plot holes that could be poked but overall I liked how everything was set up and how it eventually concluded.Thank you to NetGalley and Delacorte Press for an advanced copy in exchange for an honest review.

  10. Niki harding

    A really good read
    Happy with this book real good page turner

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