The Fidget Game Learn to Read in Weeks Master 220 High-Frequency Dolch Sight Words Curriculum-Appropriate for Pre-K to Grade 3 –

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  • LEARN TO READ IN WEEKS – Created by a Kindergarten teacher devoted to exploring fun ways to teach reading to young kids, The Fidget Game aims to teach curriculum-appropriate Dolch words or sight words from Pre-K to Grade 3 kids. This game can help your child recognize, read, pronounce, spell, and master these high-frequency words from the Dolch list.
  • PACKET OF CARDS FOR EACH GRADE LEVEL – The Fidget game consists of 220 service words broken down per level from Pre-K to Grade 3 following the US common core standards. These sight words comprise 50-70% of general text, therefore, mastering these words is a critical goal in education. Sight words in these packets include verbs, adjectives, adverbs, pronouns, prepositions, and conjunctions. When mastery of these sight words is achieved, kids can focus on reading comprehension.
  • MAKES LEARNING FUN AND EXCITING – No matter how hard parents try, some kids can’t help but associate studying with boring desk work. This innovative game effectively incorporates fun with learning. Kids will find themselves eager to take their turn to read the sight words correctly for a chance to roll the dice and pop bubbles on the colorful popping mat. The Fidget Game is an interactive educational toy that can accommodate multiple players, including the parents!
  • STURDY AND DURABLE – The Fidget Game catches your child’s attention with its brightly colored flashcards that are solid and easy to handle, even for young kids. Each grade level comes with a storage box to teach your children a good habit of packing away their things to maintain a tidy space. These cute storage boxes also make it travel-friendly, so you can learn to read anywhere.
  • EDUCATIONAL GIFT IDEA – Give a child the gift of learning for any occasion with The Fidget Game. Perfect for homeschooling families or for young kids who are just starting to learn how to read. The Fidget Game offers a worthwhile activity that can effectively limit screen time.
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Help your child learn how to read in weeks with the fun and interactive Fidget Game!

The Fidget Game is an interactive educational game created for kids in Pre-K to Grade 3. With determination to win the game, your kids will master these level-appropriate sight words in weeks!

Here are some other awesome benefits you’ll get with this product:

  • Boosts confidence in reading– The Fidget Game aims to boost your child’s confidence in reading as they master these level-appropriate sight words. You can carefully transition to the next level once you sense that your child has mastered their current level.
  • Curriculum-appropriate words– Each set includes all the Dolch words that kids should know at their current grade level following the US common core standards from Pre-K to Grade 3.
  • Helps your child become a fluent reader– Recognizing high-frequency sights words effectively enhances fluency in reading. It also speeds up reading bn and frees up cognitive resources that they can use to process and acquire new vocabulary.
  • Improves reading comprehension– Practice and repetition are very important to achieve mastery of sight words. Once these sight words are memorized, kids can focus their energy and attention on comprehension.

Recommended level: Pre-K to Grade 3

What’s included in the kit:

  • 5 packets of sight words broken down per level (total of 220 words)
  • (Pre–Kindergarten/Pre-Primer – 40 words, Kindergarten/Primer – 52 words, 1st grade – 41 words, 2nd grade – 46 words, 3rd grade – 41 words)
  • 4 x Square Popping mats
  • 1 x Dice

Help your child learn how to read sight words in weeks by adding The Fidget Game to your cart today!

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5 reviews for The Fidget Game Learn to Read in Weeks Master 220 High-Frequency Dolch Sight Words Curriculum-Appropriate for Pre-K to Grade 3 –

  1. deeleem

    Fun Game
    This game is a lot of fun with dice rolling and popper popping. Slips some secret learning in, and my kid is pleased to play. I like that there are so many grade levels. My son played with his cousins, and everyone had a deck that worked for them!

  2. Dayna Dunn

    Excellent for playing catch-up
    My rising first grader adores this game and caught on very quickly. We made more progress in a week than we had all year with her sight words. Definitely recommend. Would make a good kindergarten / first grader gift too.

  3. Quirce Family

    A great word practice activity
    My son does not like to practice reading. He becomes easily frustrated. This is a great way to get him to practice without him even realizing. An easy to play game, you cab even change the rules. As long as he is learning it’s well worth if. Also cards are good quality for little hands that may bend cards.

  4. Cece

    The games concept is good-pretty simple. The problem here for me is the fidget is the main attraction my experience is that the words are secondary to this fidget. I need to keep directing the attention to the words themselves not popping the fidgets. Pricey for what the end product is, could probably put this together with items form Box Store for much less.

  5. Colleen

    Great game!
    Reading is a struggle in our house and this game is definitely helping with word recognition!

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