School Zone – Go Fish Alphabet Game Cards – Ages 4 and Up, Preschool to First Grade, Uppercase and Lowercase Letters, ABCs,

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We LOVE these cards. Bought this for my three year old. It was a HUGE hit because he was and still is an animal lover! We started with matching mommy and baby, letter sounds, sorting alphabetically and every time it is a lot of fun! He even likes to spell words out with the letters. We have had it for over a year and he always loves playing with this. We have just recently started playing Go Fish with this. I am so glad I found this at a drug store. I wish they carry more such fun and educational games. I am sure this can be a fun game to enjoy while you are travelling (we haven’t done that yet). –School Zone Website

My 6 yr old daughter and I have a lot of fun playing this game. She loves that they are all animals and loves looking at the pictures of both the baby and momma. It is helping her decipher between the lower case letter and upper case letter…while also a good refresher of the alphabet for first grade. We can play for hours! –School Zone Website

At under $3, I figured, why not? It was the best $3 we’ve spent in a very long time. This is the perfect game for our 4 year old who is really starting to learn his letters and how to play games. We play it both as the standard Go Fish game and also as a set of flash cards to help figure out which letters he still struggles with. I’d still recommend this at three times the current price! –Amazon

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Additional information

Publisher ‏

‎ Barbara Gregorich; Game Cards edition (1 June 1980)

Language ‏

‎ English

Mass Market Paperback ‏

‎ 56 pages

ISBN-10 ‏

‎ 0887432719

ISBN-13 ‏

‎ 978-0887432712

Reading age ‏

‎ 4 – 8 years

Dimensions ‏

‎ 16.21 x 8.59 x 2.24 cm

10 reviews for School Zone – Go Fish Alphabet Game Cards – Ages 4 and Up, Preschool to First Grade, Uppercase and Lowercase Letters, ABCs,

  1. Claire

    Lots of fun for my 4 year old. My 2 year old also enjoys naming the animals.

  2. We Review It!

    I go over what the negative reviews are saying! I love them!
    I had to review these because I have had a set for over a year and have purchased 2 more for gifts. I really enjoy the versatility and simplicity of this game! Before I did this review, I looked at other things people were saying and was surprised at some of the comments. So I took a few minutes to grab some information and pictures to really give this card game a good review.This was a gift a year ago from an Amazon list I had for my son. This is a great game for the family to play with our little one who was 4 and now is 5. It is a very versatile game! We use the cards to play go fish, memory and to practice ABC knowledge.This is an easy card game for the little’s to play together with minor supervision. The cards have upper and lower case letters. At first we just aimed for the kids to say do you have F for frog. If they didn’t know they had to hold their card up and we would say what it was and they would have to repeat it back to us. Then as they were able to get most of the letters we were able to progress to having them ask for the little f for frog because they have the big F for frog. Again having to repeat it if they don’t know it or get it wrong. The pictures are of the big animal and a baby animal for each letter. This helps them know whether it is a big or little letter. Most of the baby animals look very similar to their big versions which helps as well.When we test their knowledge, we put out the big letter cards in ABC order and keep the small letters mixed in a stack. We then hold up a card and ask them what it is. If they get it right they get to put it on top of the big card. If they are not sure they can look at the big letter cards and compare it. However they still need to be able to say f for frog after looking at the big letter card to be able to stack it on top of it’s big letter. If they miss it, we have them repeat what it is and then put it at the bottom of the stack. We review the ones they missed and give them more chances.We play memory as well with these cards, just lay them out in rows, face down. The cards include a set that has the baby animals actual name which is another teaching tool as well.These cards are big for little hands. They are have a glossy texture on the front and a more cardstock feel on the back. I have included a picture the back of the cards in my old set that are most damaged. You can see they are not that bad at all. I have also included a picture that has the brand new deck I just bought for a gift and our 1 year old set. The cards have held up very well with our son who is very hard on everything!!! You can see a few bends in some of the cards. The deck is small enough for me to keep it out of their reach so the cards do not get lost or damaged. When we play, we do so using clean hands and without food or liquids around and they have held up.There are a few cards that are tricky, but let’s be honest, there are always a few letters in the alphabet that are tricky. Especially when we are naming things that start with. U, V and Q are all birds, so that can be confusing. I taught my son to look at the background and the color of the letter to see if it matches. The baby frog is naturally a tadpole. I appreciate this accuracy and educated the littles on what a frog starts out as. I saw some complaints about the use of some animals for certain letters. I simply googled animals that start with those letters and pasted what was listed. Looking at the options and their choices, I honestly feel like they made the best choice possible that was easiest to pronounce and recognize.The X has a fox. Again I don’t really see another option. I have the kids say X like the end/last letter of fox.Overall this card set is easy and fun for the littles! My son and his best friend who lives next door play this together often! We all use it as a way to play games with our 5 year old that he can understand and win! He often does win too! We like that it’s versatility and the different uses and levels to educate the kids. I have been able to keep our set in good condition. Like any game and kids, it can easily get parts lost or damaged if your not careful. If I had to replace it, it is such a reasonable price that it’s really no big deal.I feel like it’s fun, has educational purposes and it’s low price are perfect addition to a little 4 and up! I have purchased 2 for gifts in the last month, finally allowing me to be able to leave a verified review! Get a set!

  3. Gabriela

    El mejor juego
    Entretiene a niños de todas las edades

  4. Vanessa

    4 yr old loves it
    Playing it now. My 4 year old is learning the alphabet getting ready for preK and is really enjoying it. I love the pics and is the reason i specifically ordered this item.

  5. Alysa

    Fantastic Cards
    My daughter had an older set of these that we had lost several of the cards for. She was beyond excited when these arrived. Great quality and a lot of fun!

  6. Lee

    Great fun while learning
    My granddaughter loves to play. It a lot of fun while she is learning uppercase and lowercase letters.

  7. Linda Ballard

    Good 👍
    Was giving as a gift.

  8. Bria Moonflower

    Favorite Game of My 7-Year-Old Nephew
    I bought this game for my nephew’s birthday, thinking that I would get one or two plays out of him before this game gets pushed aside for some kind of video. I was totally wrong. My nephew loved Go Fish. He asked to play multiple times every single day, and of course, he won because he’s awesome like that.Along with the game being so entertaining, he saw animals he never heard about and learned how to pronounce their names. He loved the vivid pictures. I liked that the cards were sturdy and big. We played Go Fish a lot, and the cards withstood the gameplay the whole time. I’m glad I bought these game cards. My nephew and I had a lot of fun.

  9. Debra B. Lynch

    Fun way to practice alphabet
    I teach spec Ed and have a student learning the alphabet playing go fish has been a fun way to practice. My only complaint is the size of the cards. They are a little big.

  10. Terri

    Classic game
    Grandson loves playing this

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