NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Birthstone Dig Kit – STEM Science Kit with 12 Genuine Birthstones, Includes a Real Diamond, Ruby, Sapphire,

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Brand National Geographic
Theme Action
Age range (description) 8 years and up
Item dimensions L x W x H 18.4 x 5.6 x 25.4 centimetres
Item weight 290 Grams

  • AUTHENTIC BIRTHSTONE SPECIMENS – This dig kit is truly special! Inside the beautifully designed dig brick are 12 precious and semi-precious gemstones. Your kids will love digging and discovering these dazzling specimens!
  • A SPECIAL GEMSTONE FOR EVERYONE – Every kid will find their own special birthstone in this gemstone dig kit! Garnet, diamond, ruby, pearl, sapphire, amethyst, emerald, opal, blue topaz, citrine, aquamarine, and peridot are all hidden within.
  • A COMPLETE SCIENCE KIT – This STEM kit is easy to use, thanks to the dig tool, brush, magnifying glass, and easy-to-follow instructions. A detailed learning guide teaches kids about each stone, too. A display bottle with keychain is also included.
  • KIDS WILL BE THRILLED – Other dig kits may have action figures or polished stones inside, but this digging kit allows your kids to excavate some incredible specimens! When they’re done, they’ll have a gemstone collection they’ll treasure forever!
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED – The National Geographic STEM series provides kids high-quality educational toys that are a whole lot of fun! If your experience is anything less than extraordinary, let us know so we can make it right for you
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The National Geographic Birthstone Dig Kit gives your kids the remarkable chance to dig up 12 real, precious and semi-precious birthstone gemstones! This Kit Includes 1 Dig Brick, 12 Real Gemstones, 1 Dig Tool, 1 Brush, 1 Magnifying Glass, 1 Display Bottle with Keychain, 1 Learning Guide with Instructions. Kids will learn what the birthstone is for each month and discover real specimens inside the beautifully designed and colorful dig brick! They’ll get everything they need to excavate each stone, including a dig tool, brush, and magnifying glass. And when they’re done excavating, your kids can keep all their new treasures safely inside the included display bottle. Each precious and semi-precious gem inside is roughly 1.5 cm in diameter and each corresponds to a month of the year: Garnet for January, Amethyst for February, Aquamarine for March, Diamond for April, Emerald for May, Pearl for June, Ruby for July, Peridot for August, Sapphire for September, Opal for October, Citrine for November, and Blue topaz for December. There’s a special stone inside for everyone! Get your kids a Birthstone Dig Kit today! National Geographic Toys makes the highest quality hands-on science toys, and all products are backed by exceptional service. About the National Geographic Society: With a mission to inspire people to care about the planet, the National Geographic Society is one of the world’s largest nonprofit scientific and educational organizations.

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Safety Information:

For children 8 years and up with adult supervision.

5 reviews for NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Birthstone Dig Kit – STEM Science Kit with 12 Genuine Birthstones, Includes a Real Diamond, Ruby, Sapphire,

  1. Christina Compton

    It’s a wonderful deal!
    I purchased this for myself, not for my child, lol. Don’t judge I’m still a kid at heart! A lot of people are complaining about the cost of the product compared to the size of the Birthstones. I can tell you now, this is a great deal! I’ve tried in every way possible to purchase these gems on their own, hoping I could get stones that are a little bigger. Well it can’t be done for under $50… $70 if I go with a merchant I’m familiar with. It’s been almost impossible to find stones of this quality let alone all in one set. One of mine was questionable considering it looked almost black. I’m a little unsure which stone it is but it lights up a really dark blue when placed on my phone flashlight so I am confident enough that it’s not an issue. Yes they’re small but they’re genuine semi-precious stones. The opal is beautiful. Someone mentioned that the pearl didn’t look real. Most pearls are misshapen or oblong. You can tell by washing then rubbing the stone across your teeth it will feel gritty, for lack of a better term (it’s a genuine way to tell) you can also put it under a fluorescent light, the pearl will react due to it’s natural properties. Rubies light up under UV lights. I’m a bit of a gem-aholic, lol. All in all It’s totally worth it and I would most definitely purchase again!

  2. Joan B

    Cleaver Writing On the Box A Little Different When Opened .
    I don’t appreciate after reading all the descriptive information about what is included in the Semi Precious Dig Kit ,only to have it conjured up questions that needed to be answered . Were you lead to believe you would find 15 various semi precious gems , along with a full color learning guide, with info about ALL the gems you find ? We’ll surprise , surprise the guide only covers 7 gems which means 8 are not covered in the guide ! I then looked closely at the front of the box & noticed they featured7 gems with more gems shown in the background. I now had several questions that needed to be answered before giving this dig kit to my grandson for Christmas .Just getting off the phone with National Geographic here are some answers .Yes, you get 15 Gems , however most of them are duplicates of the 7 you see featured on back of box . 3 Garnets 3 Amethyst 3 Citrine 3 Bl Topaz. 1 Opal. 1 Peridot 1 AquamarineFine Print ……Specimens May Vary from those Shown.All 15 Gems shown front of box are the 7 including all the duplicates! !The guide book is correct showing only the 7gems with a brief description, so you will not see 8 more different gems being describe .Paying $ 29.00 for the kit of mostly duplicateswas very disappointing to me . This will now be a decision you’ll have to make. The majority of the kids do like the experience that the 3 Gem dig kits provide along with buying a good Rock & Gem book for reference. The concept of having kids do a mini dig was genius. Between Mega Gemstones, Birthstones & Semi Precious Gems along with Mega Fossil Dig are all excellent learning tools . Just wait for a good SALE !Don’t Forget per past reviews…Soak the BrickEasier to extract the Gems !

  3. Mr. Arvis Gerke

    100% good product
    Super product, just the timing was wrong, will keep it on my mind and purchase another time again

  4. Amazon Customer

    Love these
    I have bought these for my daughter for Christmas for the last 5 years. She loves them. I’ll continue to purchase these until this isn’t her thing anymore. Great value for the money.

  5. Chambree Kumka

    Not Easy
    Difficult to use and get the results wanted.

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