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My son has gone from really disliking English topic to thoroughly enjoying it and looking forward to his topic each day now. This is all down to using your Minecraft books as part of our English work. So we cannot thank you enough.
Review from Becky, home educator

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English Ages 6-7

Minecraft English and maths official workbooks

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Publisher ‏

‎ Collins (4 November 2021)

Language ‏

‎ English

Paperback ‏

‎ 64 pages

ISBN-10 ‏

‎ 000846281X

ISBN-13 ‏

‎ 978-0008462819

Reading age ‏

‎ 6 – 7 years

Dimensions ‏

‎ 21 x 0.3 x 29.7 cm

10 reviews for Minecraft English Ages 6-7: Official Workbook   Import  Single ASIN  Import  Muleiple ASIN ×Product customization Go Pro

  1. Tina Brophy

    Educational and we’ll received

  2. mrstiddy

    Help my daughter
    Daughter like doing these work books

  3. db31

    Excellent for home schooling
    I home school our children and find my 6 year old tends to lose interest when studying English. This book holds his ineterst really well and has a great layout so he actually enjoys learning and asks to work from it! He earns emeralds for each task he completes so makes it his mission to do well!

  4. Sarah Brown

    A lot of text to read and a bit tricky
    This workbook is good value for money but I do think some of the activities are a bit tricky.This series is ideal for fans of Minecraft to give a boost at Year 2 English skills. Answers are provided at the back and they are clear to follow. The paper in this workbook is good quality and pens don’t tend to bleed through.At the start of the workbook there is a clear explanation for parents and it indicates that parental support may be required for explaining. The book follows the characters of Tom and Eva on an adventure where you collect emeralds for correct answers. These can be ‘exchanged’ on the final page at a market. I like that harder questions on the pages are indicated with a heart, as this provides a visual prompt for children that they will find it more challenging. Collecting emeralds are based on correct answers, so parents need to mark the work quite regularly so children can see how much they are accumulating.Topics covered include: homophones, tenses, composition and spelling.There are lots of bright pictures that will appeal to children however, some pages have a lot of writing, especially as the ‘story’ develops. This is where additional support for children is likely to be required.This is a nice idea: it’s a Minecraft story and a workbook. It’s an engaging workbook that covers a range of skills that are appropriately challenging. However, I think it would be better if there was slightly less dense text to appeal to all reading abilities. Furthermore, I think the final section is quite challenging, where the activities focus on composition and creative writing; this is where I anticipate most adult support will be required.

  5. Lesley70

    Minecraft English Workbook
    Ideal English revision / workbook for children who are fans of minecraft. The book is matched to the National Curriculum for writing for ages 6-7 (Year 2) and follows the adventures of Tom and Eva in the Minecraft world.The incorporation of Minecraft into the book works well. I wish that there had been a few more smaller pictures on some of the pages so they didn’t feel quite as text heavy.It’s split into three sections – Sunflower Plains (transcription and spelling); Forest (vocabulary, grammar and punctuation); Dark Forest ( composition).I do think it’s perhaps best used to reinforce and practice what your child already knows, if they are struggling with the concepts at school this book may be a little too advanced. Also if your child has a short attention span they may not make it through the explanation at the start of some of the exercises:-“If a root word ends in e with a consonant before it, the e is usually dropped before adding the ending (for example, hike becomes hiking). If a root word ends in a single consonant after a single vowel, the consonant is usually doubled (for example, run becomes runner, running or runny).”And that’s only half the explanation. If it’s something that they’re confident with or already come across at school, then they’ll be able to jump in and do it. If not, then you may be better off looking for a book with more examples and where they tackle the different English subjects – grammar, punctuation, comprehension – separately. For example CGP books.Overall – good for reinforcing knowledge and practice.

  6. toymarrchine

    Brilliant book
    A really useful and helpful book for kids. My daughter loves minecraft so naturally this was a big win to help her along with her schooling. I brought a couple and she was really responsive to them and the subject matter helped engage her for longer than a normal work book.

  7. Zag

    Super learning resource.
    This series of books have been great for our seven and ten year old. The maths and English books all use the Minecraft theme really well. Our two boys play the Kindle app version quite a bit so these really got their interest. We got a few of the age rangs of maths and English books, good for revision of the earlier learning during lockdowns and sharpening their skills they be are on now. The short sharp tasks around the Minecraft theme, characters, locations and stories gets them keen to complete tasks and earn emeralds. They have actually been asking to do the work booklets as extra homework! That is a first. Very pleased with this addition to the series. Excellent.Update: the reading each task needs gets them doing sneaky extra reading too. Win!

  8. S Bruce

    Engaging and well laid out workbook
    The way a simple Minecraft adventure story has been stretched out into a workbook that follows common parts of the curriculum is actually rather clever I think. Alright so it’s not going to win any junior Booker Prize but each sentence or short paragraph in the tale leads on nicely to a page’s or two pages’ worth of exercises that the sentence serves as an example for. The characters and the scenario are engaging enough for a child to want to know what happens next, even if it means doing the next page of the workbook first in order to get there.All the expected topics are there- from simple spelling, through to verbs and conjunctions etc., onto more ambitious topics such as identifying different kinds of writing and writing your own stories at the end. There’s a good learning curve to it and it flows well.There are some interesting moments where the more violent side of Minecraft clashes with the positive text normally found in reading workbooks. My particular favourite is: “Eva is so excited by the fight with the creeper that she decided to write a poem about it.” That said though, none of it is truly scary for any child who’s been allowed to play Minecraft at all.It’s nicely presented, colourful in all the right ways with plenty of Minecraft imagery, but well laid out so that the text and questions are very clear and easy to read. A reasonable amount of space is allowed for writing in the answers too.This is proving one of the best workbooks I’ve found for getting our six-year-old to want to do some out-of-school learning, and I can’t see any fault in it.

  9. Wee Shopper

    Perfect for Minecraft fans
    Ordered for an 8 year old who is awaiting dyslexia testing to help him with his reading as he’s a massive Minecraft fan. They’ve worked well to peak his interest as it’s a subject he wants to learn about.

  10. Sam Tyler

    Bricking It
    I have various relatives who adore Minecraft and it is a great way of sneaking in some education if you wrap it in Majong wrapping paper. The ‘Minecraft Maths’ and ‘Minecraft English’ books come in a series of different age ranges and cover topics that fit in with the curriculum of that year. You can see as the books age up that the problems advance and ask more of the reader.The books themselves are A4 and have a good thickness of paper so the answers do not bleed through. A typical question will be asked but with a slight Minecraft twist. You are rewarded with emeralds, that you can ‘spend’ at the end. Throughout there are some images taken from the game and there is a story that follows a Minecraft character giving you a sense of accomplishment when you are done.The Minecraft skin of the book won’t fool more observant children as these are proper maths and English questions that are being posed. They have the structure of modern learning i.e., prescribed. The kids got on better with many of the questions than me as I learned in a more freewheeling style. As an aid to reluctant Minecraft fans, they are perfect, but would also suits any child that likes the game and wants some extracurricular work.

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