LEGO® NINJAGO® Lloyd and Arin’s Ninja Team Mechs 71794 Building Toy Set,Ninja Battle Playset for Kids   Import  Single

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Brand LEGO
Manufacturer Minimum Age (MONTHS) 108
Material Plastic
Colour Multicolor
Educational objective Role Play

  • Mech playset to recreate action from the NINJAGO Dragons Rising TV series
  • Comes with 5 minifigures, including Lloyd, Arin and Rapton
  • For the first time ever, kids can combine 2 mechs into 1 larger fighting mech
  • Look out for other LEGO NINJAGO sets for even more ninja fun
  • This 764-piece mech playset can be given as a birthday fun to kids aged 9+
  • Kids can display this mech toy with pride after playtime
  • The LEGO Builder app lets kids see their model in 3D as they build
  • Since 1958, LEGO bricks have been made from high-quality materials
  • LEGO bricks meet stringent global safety standards
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Kids aged 9+ can play out exhilarating training and battle scenes from the NINJAGO® Dragons Rising TV series with Lloyd and Arin’s Ninja Team Mechs (71794). This never-before-seen building set features ninja master Lloyd’s and his student Arin’s posable mechs, which can be merged to create 1 larger and heavily armed mech for endless play opportunities. 5 minifigures for epic battles This mech playset comes with 5 minifigures. Ninja master Lloyd is armed with 2 katanas, while his ninja student Arin has 2 katanas and a grappling hook. They can battle the evil trio of Rapton, who is armed with an Imperium sword, Imperium Guard Commander, who comes with a staff, and Imperium Claw General with an Imperium sword. This set gives kids all they need to role-play countless action-packed clashes. LEGO® Builder app Let the LEGO Builder app guide you and your child on an easy and intuitive building adventure. Zoom in and rotate models in 3D, save sets and track your progress.

From the manufacturer

71794_Premium A+
Awesome Ninja Mechs

All-action NINJAGO playset with 2 mechs

Kids can recreate thrilling training and battle scenes from the NINJAGO Dragons Rising TV series with Lloyd and Arin’s Ninja Team Mechs.

71794_Premium A+

71794_Premium A+
NINJAGO mech building set

Combine 2 mechs into 1 giant mech!

For the first time ever, ninja fans can combine 2 posable NINJAGO mechs into 1 larger and heavily armed mech for thrilling role-play action.

71794_Premium A+
Movable mech features

Posable mechs for exciting action

Lloyd and Arin’s mechs each have posable arms, legs and a head so kids can put them in a range of stances for action-packed playtimes.

71794_Premium A+
NINJAGO Dragons Rising action

Playset packed with 5 minifigures

Mech playset comes with 5 minifigures. Ninja master Lloyd and his student Arin battle against Rapton, Imperium Guard Commander and Imperium Claw General.

71794_Premium A+
Build-and-play LEGO fun

A great build before the ninja action begins!

Before entering the all-action fantasy world of NINJAGO, kids can immerse themselves in a rewarding building task with the playset’s LEGO bricks.

71794_Premium A+
Endless play possibilities

Fantastic gift for a little ninja

This NINJAGO mech playset is the perfect gift for imaginative kids who love playing out epic adventures with their ninja heroes.

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Important information

Safety Information:

WARNING! Choking hazard. Small parts. Not for children under 3 years.

5 reviews for LEGO® NINJAGO® Lloyd and Arin’s Ninja Team Mechs 71794 Building Toy Set,Ninja Battle Playset for Kids   Import  Single

  1. Kimonomon

    Super Ninjago set to add to sons collection!
    My son already had a few of these ninjago Lego sets… and all the mini figure lined up carefully on his shelf so he was ecstatic to get more to add the the collection!Typical Lego in the big box and that famously recognisable sound of the Lego inside!!!The instruction were cleverly in a folder along with the stickers to keep them from bending.Instructions as always in step by step pictures, so they are easy to follow and supervise young Lego enthusiasts to build with minimal help.The mini figures however were prized more than the large figures which could be combined…the geta feet are awesome! However The mini figures come off the shelf more often to be played with.Sadly, as with all Lego now it’s a little on the dear side, but the enjoyment had by both adult and child is priceless!

  2. Mark

    A Lego set based on the Ninjago dragons rising TV series, this one includes two action figures which are combinable, along with five additional minifigures and arrives in the traditional Lego oversized box.Item arrives in branded lego box which is also suitable for gifting, box is traditionally oversized, which is great to represent value if you can gift yourself, not so great if you need to post it.The item is based on the Lego Ninjago series, it already has a comprehensive assortment of additional sets available, meaning there’s plenty of future sets that can be added at a later date in order to build your universe.The set includes five minifigures, these are always a welcome addition and in my experience these represent longevity in play value, sometimes even more so than the actual building of the set.The main figures here are slightly more fiddly to build than standard sets, this is largely due to many specifically manufactured brick shapes, it should be noted that this is intentional, as the set is aimed at slightly older children than standard sets.Construction of the main two included characters took me and my grandson around an hour and a half, we didn’t rush and I let him do the building but supervised for mistakes, he loved the fact that once complete he could combine the two main characters.I personally found this set a bit restrictive in it’s replayability (as it’s not a school, fire station or other town building, however my grandson absolutely loves it, so what do I know.Seems Lego designers hit the nail on the head with this one.

  3. Chappers

    Quality and impactful-looking set with combinable figurines
    This Ninjago themed set from LEGO provides a dramatic and impactful couple of characters that can also be ‘combined’, plus 5 of the regular-sized LEGO minifigure characters including the two protagonist minifigure characters – Lloyd and Arin – that are directly associated with the mechs themselves.Unlike more traditional LEGO sets, themed ranges often contain a lot of bespoke pieces and Ninjago is no exception. There are quite a few little bits to the construction so those of a less dextrous nature might need to recruit some help. Once you get the two main feature characters assembled though, they are quite worthwhile as they cut an imposing and impactful profile.Overall this is a good set for anyone into the Ninjago universe. Themed sets from LEGO tend to command quite high price tags for what they are and this is no exception. A price of c. £70 (at time of review) is never going to feel great value for money, but for the aficionado it all part of the fun.

  4. Samantha Still

    Expensive but a cool set!
    I find the prices of lego absolutely crazy, it’s all very expensive but it’s something I find anyone can enjoy no matter of age. I’m 28 and still enjoy building with it. I got this for my 6 year old son, he loves lego and its a fun way to develop building skills and following instructions. It’s a really cool toy and the little mini figures are wicked. It’s a great set but just heavily overpriced like all lego is..

  5. AndyG

    Really cool set, nice detailing. 764 piece 9+
    This LEGO 71794 set “Lloyd and Arin’s Ninja Team Mechs” is one of the larger sets from the NINJAGO Dragons Rising LEGO series.This set is made up of 764 pieces in seven numbered bags & is aimed at kids aged 9+In the set you get two larger mech figures & 5 mini figures, all of which have really nice detailing to them.Both Arin & Lloyd can individually be inside to control their own mechs although the two mechs can also be combined which i thought was pretty cool too.Our eldest two have loved playing with this NINJAGO set so far.Although with their older NINJAGO sets they have started being creative & combining pieces from the different sets to make some unique characters of their own, which i love to see because that’s whats LEGO has always been about, sparking creativity in young minds.Being one of the larger sets it is quite expensive at £71.99 at the time of writing but would make an amazing Christmas or Birthday gift idea for anyone who’s already started watching the Dragons Rising tv series or played with the NINJAGO sets in the past.

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