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  • EASY ASSEMBLY: Snap together pieces to build upper and lowercase letters
  • SKILL DEVELOPMENT: Practice letter recognition, learn the alphabet, and develop fine motor skills
  • 60 PIECE SET: The Letter Construction set comes with 60 pieces, making it great for home use or school use.
  • ACTIVITY CARDS: Includes 13 Activity Cards with step-by-step directions, making activities easy and fun
  • Homeschool supplies for ages 3+
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Product Description

Practice letter recognition and pre-handwriting skills by snapping together color-coded pieces to build uppercase and lowercase letters. Great for developing fine motor skills. Set includes 60 color-coded pieces, 13 Activity Cards with step-by-step directions, and a Guide.

Set Contains:

Set of 60 includes enough pieces for up to 4 students to build the same letter at the same time. Includes 13 double-sided activity cards featuring step-by-step letter formation instructions

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Rainbow Colors

See-through plastic pieces are color coded in eye-catching blue, green, orange, and purple. Shapes include lines, curves, hooks, and even dots!

Building is a Snap

Children can build accurate upper- and lowercase letters in just a few steps by snapping together curved and straight pieces. It’s a fun pre-writing activity!

Activity Cards

The 13 double-sided activity cards guide children in building all 26 letters. They show all the pieces needed lined up, then in the correct positions.

Large Pieces for Small Hands

Children can build letters on a grand scale with the big sturdy plastic pieces in this set. The largest straight line piece measures 10″ high by 1.5″ wide.


Complete Set

Features 10 long straight lines, 10 short straight lines, 8 medium straight lines, 8 big curves, 6 little curves, 8 C curves, 6 hooks and 4 dots. Also includes 13 double-sided activity cards.


Language Learning

Learning Resources brings fun to learning the alphabet, phonics, vocabulary, writing and more. Whether kids are learning single letters or forming words and sentences, our selection of games for English Language Arts bring fun to learning!

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5 reviews for Learning Resources Letter Construction, Homeschool, School Activity Set, Play School, 60 Pieces, Ages 3+   Import  Single ASIN

  1. Takila Price

    Great value
    My grandson loves this educational toys. He loves to put his alphabet letter’s together and spell words. He is only 4 years old, which keeps him occupied as well.

  2. Kunde

    Macht Spaß aber verkratzt
    Meine Söhne bauen gerne damit. Die Anleitungskarten sind einfach und verständlich. Beim Zusammenstecken muss man die Punkte genau übereinanderlegen, damit es hält. Das bekommt mein 5-jähriger ohne Probleme hin. Mein 3 jähriger steckt zwar noch keine Buchstaben, aber verbindet einzelne Teile. Ihm gelingt es noch nicht immer. Ich fand es schade, dass die Teile teilweise verkratzt ankamen, obwohl der Karton zugeschweißt war.

  3. Amazon Customer

    Endless Fun
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     My son loves learning so these were just perfect for him! He loves to spell so we are able to spell out his name and our last name. If you plan on spelling out the whole ABCs at once you’ll need to buy maybe another set or 2. It does come with hot to cards to help your little one know which pieces they will need 🙂

  4. Suzy

    love these
    Great tools for kindergarteners!

  5. SP

    Great toy for developing spatial reasoning and literacy skills at the same time
    I got this for my daughter, who is starting preschool this fall, and she loved it. It kept her attention and focus, which is definitely a plus in my book!Pros:- Large and vibrant, so great for little hands that aren’t too dextrous yet, as well as little eyes that get bored with dull colors.- They snap together pretty easily.- All pieces are the correct sizes and lengths to fit together very easily; there are no ill-fitting pieces.- The cards provided show the pieces required to make the letters and then the finished product, but they didn’t show any steps along the way. This allows the children to problem solve and figure it out themselves, rather than just copycatting.Cons:- When I first took the pieces out of the box, they were snapped together and nearly impossible to separate! We had to get silverware to pry the pieces apart– it was insane. Obviously, snapping the pieces back together and storing them that way is not a viable option unless we want to stick a fork in the container with them. I wish that the snaps weren’t quite so ironclad, so that my daughter could separate two identical pieces.- I could see the lack of “how to” steps on the cards being difficult for children who don’t have strong spatial reasoning skills yet; it’s a pro for kids who are doing well in that area, but a con for kids who are not.Overall, I would definitely recommend this to a friend 🙂 Not sure how we’ll store these yet, but I’ll figure out a trick so that we can unsnap them again afterwards.

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