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Brand Hand2mind
Age range (description) Children
Material Plastic
Colour Multicoloured
Educational objective Numeracy

  • INCLUDES LEARNING CLOCK AND MORE: Our telling time maths manipulative set includes 1 Advanced NumberLine Clock and 1 Activity Guide
  • CLOCK FOR KIDS LEARNING TO TELL TIME: Our signature NumberLine Clock helps students to physically and mentally connect the concepts between a number line and telling the time
  • MATHS MANIPULATIVES FOR TELLING TIME: Learning the analogue clock can be difficult for students, which is why the NumberLine Clock is a great manipulative to make it easier to translate digital clock times to analogue clock times
  • USE FOR SOLVING TIME PROBLEMS: Ideal for helping students understand the passing of time and elapsed time; geared hands keep the correct relationship between hour and minute
  • 3 DIFFERENT CLOCK FACES: Help students practise telling the time on analogue clock faces they’ll see in the real world
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Help students calculate intervals of time and solve elapsed time problems. The Advanced NumberLine Clock comes with a clock frame and 2 detachable number line chains—1 for AM and 1 for PM. Simply unfold the number line chains, snap them together, and you’ve created a number line out of a clock. The Advanced NumberLine Clock also includes 3 different styles of analogue clock designs, allowing children to practise telling time on clock styles they might encounter in the real world. The geared hands keep the correct relationship between hour and minute. This single clock is ideal for learning in the classroom or at home.

5 reviews for hand2mind 93409 Advanced NUMBERLINE Clock, Multicoloured   Import  Single ASIN  Import  Multiple ASIN ×Product

  1. Theresa L

    Best teaching clock!
    Best clock for teaching your kids time concepts. The removable number line is perfect for teaching elapsed time and I love that the minute hand moves with the hour hand.

  2. Donna Marie Squires

    Number line clock
    Absolutely love this for teaching time to my students!

  3. Kat Rosalba

    100 stars
    I dont leave many reviews nowadays but i am SO IMPRESSED by this tiny clock that i just had to….i homeschool my son & i try to use as many hands on “toys” as possible to make it feel more like play (bc when he knows im expecting to actually learn something & retain the info, he is immediately disinterested 🙄) I already have the Melissa & doug clock that was helpful to teach what time the clock actually says but you have to move the hands independently. On this clock, the hour hand moves as the minute hand moves so they are both accurately positioned at all times (which i think makes it easier to learn). I needed something that would make learning elapsed time easy so i looked at everything related only to discover how unnecessarily expensive every was!!! So when i came across this, I thought for sure the reviews were BS bc it looks so cheap/flimsy in the pictures – w/the quality of something off wish.com. To my surprise, although it is as small as I anticipated, it’s actually pretty solid in its build & is extremely functional!! From the min/hour hands moving in-sync, the removable # lines that have different levels, meaning, 1 has a marking to represent every single min, another only marks the hours & most importantly of all, my son is independently playing with it as i text this @7pm ON A SUNDAY!!! It also comes with a tiny booklet of ideas for use that is explained in seemingly 18 different languages (it’s pretty thick lol)If you’re buying this bc you need a highly functional, very affordable tool to help make the concept of time/elapsed time easier for you to explain & for your student to understand…..BUY IT!!! You wont be disappointed….

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