Geometry Compass Sets,Geometry Set Math Compass,Math Compass for Geometry Set,10Pcs Math Geometry Kits Compass Maths Tool with


  • Durable And Sturdy: All the items included in the Maths geometry kit are made of premium quality material which is absolutely safe for the students to be used. In an addition to this, the compass comes with a blunt metal tip and hence safe.
  • Specs: Our Math geometry set has all the necessary items included which are required by the students while they are solving Mathematics or geometry problems. The set includes all necessary items so it is quite easy for the students to carry the set.
  • Design: The manufacturers have perfectly designed the compass, the mechanical pencil, the ball point pen and all other product included in the set which gives the students a seamless experience while using each and every item of the Maths tool set.
  • Ergonomic Design: Geometry math tool improves the safety and comfort of using the compasses greatly, which work with pencils and leads, thus ensuring that users finish mathematical tasks or building plans with high efficiency.
  • Versatile And Universal: Precise centimeter scale for measurement. Easy to use for all levels of students, architects, engineers, designers, artists, teachers to draft, paint, draw school or office projects.
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10Pcs Math Geometry Kit Set,Geometry Tools Set Geometry Set Protractor Set,Math Geometry Kit, Math Set,Drawing Tools Drafting Kits for Students
1.Math geometry kits are ideal gift for school students.
2.Geometry drawing tools kit for students of different grades at school.
3.Geometry sets are easy to take to class and to store in the classroom and at home.
4.The rulers, protractor has been clear scaled, you can use it to measure all the thing accurately,more professional and efficient. 5.Starter maths set for exam and college course.
How to use compasses:
1.Open the compasses to the radius desired for your circle.
2.Place the compass point on a piece of paper where you would like the center point of the circle to be. Place the point of the pencil/lead on the paper.
3.Rotate the compass to mark a circle on the paper with the pencil.
4.Draw without lifting the point of the compass off the paper.
Package includes:
1xPencil sharpener
1xSmall-sized Pencil
1x Rectangular ruler
1xTransparent storage box
1xSmall Box of Refill for the non-pencil-style compass
2xTriangle rulers
2x Geometry Compasses


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