Cubo Ai Plus Smart Baby Monitor with Wall Mount: Sleep Safety Alerts for Covered Face, Danger Zone & Sleep Analytics – 1080p HD

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Brand CüboAi
Model name Cubo Ai Plus Smart
Connectivity technology Wireless
Special feature Portable, Night Vision, Image, Motion Sensor
Compatible devices Amazon alexa,google home

  • PAEDIATRICIAN CREATED BABY SAFETY SYSTEM: Covered Face & Rollover Alert that uses A.I. to detect if your baby’s mouth and nose are covered or is face down. DANGER ZONE lets you define a motion detection zone and alerts you when your little one enters somewhere they shouldn’t!
  • CREATED BY PARENTS FOR BABIES: 1080p HD Video Stream, Crystal Clear Night Vision, Cry Detection, Two-Way Audio, Auto Photo Capture, Temp. & Humidity alert. No Blinking Red Light, In-built Night Light & Lullabies.
  • SLEEP ANALYTICS: Daily Sleep Tracking & Report showing you how long your baby slept, when & how many times they woke & caregiver events. Comes with 18 hours video playback and marked events.
  • WIFI BABY MONITOR for 0-5 years+: Wall Mount set-up only. Smart Home Enabled (Google Home & Amazon Alexa). For the best experience, your Wi-Fi download/upload speed should be at least 5Mbps. 1 year FREE Cubo Ai Care Premium Service. 1 year warranty.
  • CHECK IN ANYWHERE & MULTI-CAMERA SUPPORT: CTIA Cybersecurity Certified so you can securely check in on your baby. 2-Factor Authentication for extra security, 256-Bit Encryption and permission-based FAMILY ACCESS SHARING for up to 7 people.
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Product Description

The best AI baby monitor to safeguard your baby's safety.

Rest easy with smart features: covered-face, rollover, and cough detection.

Family sharing

Smart home compatible

CTIA certified safety

Many more thoughtful features to be explored

True cry detection

Cough detection

Built-in lullabies

5 reviews for Cubo Ai Plus Smart Baby Monitor with Wall Mount: Sleep Safety Alerts for Covered Face, Danger Zone & Sleep Analytics – 1080p HD

  1. Steven

    Have been using this product for over a year now and thought I’d put some information out for potential buyers.The good:- Great camera quality- decent microphone with no noticeable noise due to overamped micThe bad:Not great if you are a traveller. Let me explain. By default this product comes with a wall stand that it clicks into. If you think about buying the mini portable stand that allows you to put it say on a desk or something, there’s some things you need to be aware of.> The night vision hates being out up against any non-black surface. If you angle the camera in any way where it will partially have a solid surface close to the camera, the IR might vision will flare up and obscure the vision. This stand is way too close to the surface to be useful. It needs to raise it higher so it has more clearance. Way too expensive for a piece of 3d printed plastic.> Changing the WiFi is incredibly frustrating. Rather than provide a dedicated button for WiFi reset, it relies on you to factory reset the whole thing just to reinitiate the start-up process again to connect to a new wifi network. This is such a drawn out and unnecessary process. What’s worse is that by default, the product is set up to have an extremely obnoxious status led light on the back of it which lights up the room. If you are a traveller, expect yourself to go through this process more that a handful of times.1. Stand under the thing with your phone getting it to read the QR code and get irritated as it fails to connect to the wifi despite telling you setup is complete multiple times.2. Start your baby put down process. Turn off the light. Realise that because you had to factory reset it, all your previous settings have been reverted to default and you now have a bright green light illuminating your room.3. Swear as you realise you left your phone out of the room and there is no way to turn the stupid light off without access to the app.4. Fail to get your child to sleep because it’s too busy staring at the birdie shadow puppet on the wall.

  2. Amazon Customer

    This is my second Cubo as I am still using my first with my 2.5 year old!I honestly just love them – app is easy to use, no crashes or lag – subscription is great but not necessary after the first year so once lapsed the producy is still amazing!

  3. Aus-T

    Love the look of the camera and the floor stand is great. The setup is seamless. It was so much easier than the previous camera I had. You can’t view 2 babies simultaneously and there is often a delay switching between babies. If you have two kids under 2 or twins, I wouldn’t buy this camera. If you have a tall baby/toddler that can reach the camera above, you have to shift camera position, resulting in no notifications or sleep statistics. There are also so many notifications resulting in notification fatigue. I wish I bought the nanit Pro after using this now.The sleep statistics are basic, I expected more. The camera playback and timeline with the temperature and time is fantastic.It would be great if you could silence the sound and not have it turn back on every time you open the app when your baby is older. It’s a shock in the middle of the night.My previous camera, the lollipop, a much cheaper camera, has all of these features but it drops out of connectivity far too much making it unreliable and the reason why we are trying out the Cubo AI Pro.

  4. Thomas Cook

    Very nice product. Clear vision. Has some very nice features. Easy set up for peace of mind.

  5. Karen

    Love it! Plays lullabies, camera quality is amazing and it’s easy to set up. Looks great in the room

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