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Brand Sejoy
Colour White
Bottle nipple type Vented
Capacity 227 Grams
Age range (description) Baby

  • 6-in-1 Multi-Function: This baby bottle warmer bottle supports multiple functions, Fasting warming, Defrost, Constant warming, Food heating and Steam with preset and timer. Serves as a good helper taking care of your baby orderly and intelligently.
  • Double Bottle Design: The baby bottle warmer is designed for double bottle warming or heating. Formula milk, breast milk, baby food, water, free to warm or heat two of them together. Perfect for feeding baby some water after drinking milk to protect baby’s teeth.
  • Easy to Use: The bottle warmer for baby milk is equiped with LCD screen and touch panel. The control panel is degined intuitively, easy to choose the function with a soft touching on the panel. The LED light indicator will show your current settings and the LCD screen will clearly show the current temperature and time remaining.
  • Timer & Preset: Timer of the milk warmer for baby helps monitor the process, and beep reminding when process completed. No more uncertain waiting. The Preset function allows to schedule feeding plan in advance.
  • Warranty: This bottle warmer is designed with AU version, delivery directly from Austrilia. And pls be assured that we are decent and integrity company exsited for 20 years, quality is guaranteed, any questions, we are alway here to assist.
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Product Description

bottle warmer

Baby is the most beautiful thing in the world, they are the best gift that we could ever receive. And looking after a baby is never easy. For the new member in the family, there are lots of baby stuff that need to be prepared for the baby, especially newborn essentials.

Sejoy focused on Personal Healthcare devices, home-care devices and Mother and Baby care products as a Professional Manufacturer for 20 years.

We aim to provide baby essentials for newborn, toddlers and kids. Baby items can be varied, what we aim to do is use our innovative and technological excellence to help making taking care of babies a more easier, higher quality way. Allow you to have more quality time with the baby, and ease the tension of regular food and milk preparation.

Baby stuff for newborn varies, like baby bottles, baby bottle warmer for regular formula and breastmilk and other baby must haves, get those newborn baby essentials ready with Sejoy.

We warmly invite you to be one of our beloved customer.

Baby Bottle Warmer

The touch screen panel equiped on the bottle warmer is quite convinient to use. Each function is with its own buttons, like Fast Warming, Constant Warming, Food heating, Steam, Preset, Timer,Night light. is very intuitive and simple. Just one press, it will proceed with the whole process.

Beep after completed.

Use “+” & “-” to customize your own time or temperature setting.

In addition, this bottle warmer also provide smart memory function for fast warming. It will remember the time setting of last time. Save your trouble to set time again under same condition.

bottle warmer

Baby bottle warmer

bottle warmer

Wide Applications

Due to the wider space for warming and heating, wide temperature range, adjustable heating time. It can be used for many applications. Formula milk heating, provide the right temperature warm water for dilute, breast milk defrost and warming. Baby food and eggs steaming.

Preset for up to 24hrs

For food or milk, it is not suggested to stay warm for a long time. A preset would be delightful. After matered the frequency of baby feeding, insteading of keep warming, use time preset to maintain the nutrition and schedule the feeding on time.

Anti dry-burnning design

Safty is what we care for the most, though warned never dry out,the bottle warmer is designed with anti dry-burning in case. Automatically power off to avoid any burning

baby bottle warmer

bottle warmer

Bottle Warmer

The time provided by this reference sheet might not be accurate due to different initial temp/ bottle material/ ambient temp etc.

Check the milk temp by sprinkling a few drops on the inside of your wrist:

1. If the milk temperature is lower than expected, please continue heating for 0.5/1 minute.

2. If the milk temperature is higher than expected, please cool the milk for a while before feeding.

But after a few tries, you will able to figure out your perfect warming time. Since this bottle warmer is designed with smart memory function for fast warming, it will remember the time setting of last time. No more guessing. Save your trouble to set time again under same condition.

As milk and breastmilk should not be heated aggressively to high temperture, the purpose of the bottle warmer is not intented to win in warming time. It is to allow you to keep the most of the nutrition, while you will have a clue on how long it will takes when you tried a few times to get the regular time and it have smart memory function, so you can get the right minutes to warm your baby’s bottle. And you can see the time remaining with the timer, no clueless waiting. Constant warming when the milk can’t be finished at once. Also it provide preset function, so if for regular feeding, there can be an appointment. No need to go to the kitchen to prepare, it can be placed at bedroom too.

baby bottle warmer

Here are some speak from experience:

  • 1. Finding solutions to make life a little easier is always a plus and this bottle warmer has done just that. It’s so much easier to warm up breast milk rather than having to heat the water in the microwave then place the bottle in the cup and wait for it to warm. With the warmer, just place the bottle in and it’s warmed in minutes. If your a busy mom/dad/caregiver this warmer, definitely worthy to have one.
  • 2. Using the bottle warmer to warm water thru out the night and ready for baby at any given moment. For babies still waking a few times and those sleep deprived, you don’t want to guess if the milk is at the right temp or if poured too much or too little water.
  • It keeps the water at the perfect temp. Or keep mixed formula bottles in the refrigerator and then use the fast warming option when need it(Less than 12 hours in case nutrition loss). It heats the bottles from fridge to warm in about 5m. If the milk is left over or want to get milk warmed before feeding, keep it on constant warming(Less than 1 hour in case nutrition loss).
  • 3. No more stand at a sink trying to warm a bottle with one arm while you have a screaming baby in the other. This one works because you can put the bottle in the warmer and take your baby to be changed while it’s heating. It provides you perfect temperature of 40-50℃(Around 45℃)
  • Whether breast-milk or formula, this one helps with you and your beloved one to baby feeding togther.
  • All the best wishes.

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5 reviews for Bottle Warmer for Baby,6 in 1,breastmilk,Formula Milk Warmer,Baby Food Heating,Baby Water Warmer (AU Version)   Import  Single

  1. dennis chamisa

    This item is a god send for sure. Easy to use and when bub wakes up during the night the milk is ready for her. Love , love , love it

  2. Nancy Simpson

    This is a lifesaver for any mamma who bottle feeds the night shift with bottles are so much easier . You wont regret getting one of these warmers .

  3. Veronica

    Good warmer works well at warming my kids milk

  4. Melanie Gordon

    I used multiple top brand bottle warmers but weren’t happy with them, I finally decided to buy this one and it’s just what I want. Hold the milk at a stable temperature for a long time without making the milk too hot or too cool. I wish I had bought it sooner as it is perfect for use with my twins

  5. Melissa Tomlinson

    This ticks all my boxes. Sterilises, warms (slowly and quickly), maintains heat. Looks neat and does two bottles at once. I couldn’t ask for more. Very easy to use. I am so happy with this purchase.

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