BELLOCHIDDO 3 Pack Airplane Launcher Toy,Foam Glider LED Catapult Plane, 2 Flight Modes Boy Toys Outdoor Sport Flying Toys for

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Toy vehicle form Airplane
Material Foam
Colour Colorful Airplane Launcher
Age range (description) Kid

  • 3 Pack Airplane Launcher Toy,
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3 Pack Airplane Launcher Toy,

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Weight 272.16 kg

10 reviews for BELLOCHIDDO 3 Pack Airplane Launcher Toy,Foam Glider LED Catapult Plane, 2 Flight Modes Boy Toys Outdoor Sport Flying Toys for

  1. Irene

    It was a gift
    Think he liked it but didn’t hear back

  2. Kimberly K Logan

    Fun but lights don’t last long
    The planes are lots of fun and surprisingly sturdy for being styrofoam. The only negative is that the lights that are attached don’t last very long. They started fading after a few hours of being on. Of course, the planes still fly and our kids still have a blast shooting them across the room!

  3. Alora Lornklang

    Fun but not very durable
    My 4 and 6 year old nephew and niece enjoyed sharing this toy and like that it lights up and flies far. However, they have a hard time putting the plane back in the launcher without adult help so they constantly have to come back to me for help. Also the planes are styrofoam and won’t last very long. Super fun toy but not sure how long they’ll get to use it.

  4. Angelia E.

    Fun for now
    Fun for a few minutes but breaks pretty easy I’m not saying that it wasn’t fun it just doesn’t hold up unfortunately.

  5. Dog Mom

    When it comes to flying, these things really fly, and they go far. – SO MUCH FUN
    When it comes to flying, these things really fly, and they go far. They’re simple to put together even without instructions. The material seems cheap but it’s not, they are very sturdy, lightweight and extremely durable. When flown, if thrown properly you can even do loops in the air. Small children may need help loading and shooting the planes, but these are SO MUCH FUN and you can spend all afternoon outside having a blast. Highly recommended for all ages.

  6. david

    Fun but extra features cause issues
    Planes fly and glide great but the addition of the lights are unnecessary and cause issues. After a few nose dives and the plastic casing for the lights falls off after every landing and has to be glued back on.The gun does a poor job of sending the planes off. Much more fun to just throwSimple styrofoam planes would be cheaper and less hassle.Otherwise we had hours of fun playing with the planes, kids and adults alike

  7. Rhiannon

    Great product !
    This product is great for all ages ! My 3 year old loves this toy it is easy for him to use and keeps him entertained for hours .

  8. Alex Applebee

    I always try and research to prevent buying anything with button batteries due to significant risk of death if a toddler were to swallow them (they will burn through esophagus or stomach if they get ingested and stuck. Multiple toddlers have died over the last few years).Anyways, no mention of replaceable batteries in these. So when my toddler walked up with the plane in one hand with the flimsy windshield popped up and three taped together button batteries in the other hand I was shocked.The “compartment” that has the button batteries is barely glued on. The button batteries are so losely in that a slight bump can dislodge them.These should be illegal. Please look up Reeses’ Law; they are working to make toys like this illegal to sell, because button batteries should be secured by a screw enclosure at minimum.

  9. Rebecca Sexton

    Not worth 30 bucks
    My daughter got them for Christmas she has flown them 4 or5 times and the blue plane it the ground after ita very first fly and the lights stoped working the wires are messed up. The second time it got flown the the launch pad on the blue plane cracked and a piece broke off. So deffinitly not worth the $30 bucks. Don’t waist your money.

  10. ShaMearra&Joshua Coleman

    Item won’t last long. Not worth the price.
    After the airplane launch, piece breaks off. Its as if each airplane was made for 1 launch. I had to use super glue to be able to launch more than once. First day using the item and all three bottom pieces used to laugh airplanes broke.

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